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Tropic of Cancer by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

A beautiful paradise where time stands almost still, or one would think when you line my previous birthday submissions up together – Yep, this is my personal gift to myself for my 21st birthday, and the fourth in total since I joined this site, and when the previous ones (listed below) are lined up, you’ll see a transition from morning, daytime, sunset and now – night time. Not sure if I’ll continue to stick with the “four-year day” thing in the future, but for now – I have four similar-themed pieces at each major time…if this were a better world, time would go slower and we would all live much longer…I should be one day older since then, not four years :shakefist:

Previous years, each submitted exactly a year after the previous and before the next:
2006 -…
2007 -…
2008 -…
2009 – you’re looking at it ;p

Time to talk about the work itself – well I won’t lie, some parts unfortunately had to be a bit rushed otherwise I would have missed this year and broke my pattern, a commission came up days before today and I had to put that first due to a tight deadline, so while I had a head start on this a week prior to my b’day, I was then delayed and most of it (the editing of the Vue scene and the entire space area) all had to be done in one big session, from early yesterday afternoon until midnight, so just keep that in consideration.

I tried a galaxy first-hand up the top there, but I wasn’t in a galaxy mood and it was looking like shit, so I played it safe and a little bit fast and stuck with a really close nebula, done in my favourite colour of course :giggle: plus I have long thought that purple and aqua look really good together, especially when space is involved 8-) I also used nukeation’s “Hyper terrain” technique to model the rock formation on the island, this is the first scene I’ve done that has made proper use of that method I’ve been waiting to do for months :faint:

Well I’ve rambled for long enough now, I don’t expect everyone to read, it’s mainly a historical documentation for myself lol :aww: enjoy!

Artwork is made and copyrighted by me. Please do not use my work, edited or not for any purpose without my permission

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