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Mother Mary by Evil-Rick (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Okay, this is something I really, really wished to do since while ago, finally I've finished.

Yes, I'm catholic, yes I believe in Jesus Christ, Maria and God, but as I have stated several times, that doesn't mean I'm a close mind, I'm very tolerant, open mind and I also confess I feel really ashamed of the current state of my church. Just clarifing things to avoid discussions on the coments box.

So, in the end this is just a drawing I really wanted to do. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Oh, just one thing, if anyone comes here with the idea of making fun off, insulting or trying to post a whole cientific explanation of why God doesn't exist, better don't waste your time doing it 'cause the moment I see that, I'm deleting posts and blocking people. You like the image? Wonderfull, you hate it? Walk out.

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