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Seaplane editorial 2nd version by sethness (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The second and final version of the Seaplane editorial cartoon.

This version better expresses my opinion:
the seaplanes landing in the "hotel row" harbor are not a brand new problem, nor the greatest offender in any of the categories where they offend.

Noise? The speaker trucks blasting advertisements, oblivious to how much anger they attract, damage ears more.

Fuel spills? Certainly the cruise ships, shuttle boats, parasail boats, and jet skis damage the environment more.

Zoning and safety? They land far out to sea, whereas there is NO zoning near shore, where jetskis and parasailers are infamous for their collisions with each other, with the beach, with beachgoers, with swimmers, with divers, with hotel pools (yes, really!), and with lounge chairs far up the shoreline.

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