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Lady of the Enchanted Forest by Felox08 (print image)


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Artist's Statement

<---.Lyria, Keeper of the Enchanted Forest.--->

She is a Dryad with a kind heart that loves and take care of all creatures and plants, and also, a beatiful voice. In fact, she sings can make things grow faster ( no too much) also has healing powers.

Her feets transform into roots in order to place them in the ground when she needs to rest.

Although she has a kind heart, she is afraid of humans, since they want to take over her forest. and cut down her trees.

In order to defend it, she can use her voice to call for aid to the animals and also can transform her roots that are placed over her body to take down her enemies.


This is a New style im working on.

Concept: Dryad
Artwork :iconfelox08:
Lyra belongs to :iconfelox08:

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