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Deep Rooted Love by Draikairion (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Haha, another "Telperion & Laurelin" piece since I simply love these two trees. No, really, this is a logo design for a huge design project I'm working on in school.

I had a blast "weaving" together the branches and roots. It was fun on Illustrator rearranging the pieces so that they overlap in JUST the right places :D. I will be selling this design on t-shirts and other apparel in my Etsy store soon and will even have "just married" matching tees since I am calling this design "Deep Rooted Love" (and simply nicknamed the "Wedding Trees" since this would make a great wedding motif!)

Note for anyone: You many not use this image for any reason, private or commercial, without prior permission. This is my original design. It is loosely based on a few concepts of Celtic knot Tree of Life motifs as well as some Peter Jackson "Elven" designs worked in.

This truly is more of an original artwork rather than just a fanart of JRR Tolkien's "The Silmarillion" trees of Valinor. I designed this puppy from scratch by sketching it on a huge piece of paper and then bringing it into Illustrator to trace over by hand since LiveTrace is derpy as usual :/.

I will be soon selling t-shirts and possibly totebags with this design in my Etsy store. I plan to even offer "just married" tees with this design on it! Note me if you are interested in a custom printed tee of this design

NOTE: The printed tees will be true works of art by themselves since they will be using the traditional, arduous silkscreening process and not a digital screenprinting process. I painstakingly fill in the screens myself (with wonderful helpf from my buddy, :iconcaerulas:) and then print the shirts myself. I can also offer the option for artisan tie-dyeing and/or added Swarovski crystal jewels.

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