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Last Blossom by FucshiaWillow (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I was in a town by Springfield, for being a camp counselor, and we got there really early. We found a tiny little park. It was used for weddings, I think. There were two fences, side by side. It was all leaves, no flowers, they had all died or weren't there. I was walking between the fences, the ivy was thick, everywhere, it was very beautiful but as a lover of flowers,I found the lack of other colors rather depressing. That's when I noticed some pink, peaking between the leaves. I moved a branch, and there was this little flower, the only one I'd seen my entire time in that park, very lonesome, it seemed like it was clinging onto that old rusty fence. It look very lonesome, but it seemed independent, in a way. It made me feel better. Even when it was alone, in a dark spot, after all the other blossoms had died, it stayed, glowing in it's contrast with the dreary weather and the green bushes and the blueish gray wood. It was a very strange moment for me, so I just had to take a picture. It made my day happier. Hopefully it will make you feel better, too. This picture means a lot to me, because unlike many pictures I've taken or seen, there's meaning behind it, a hidden beauty beyond what you can see.


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