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Last kiss by elsevilla (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The last kiss (bonnie)

Kissing your delicate body
Makes me remember how you cried
Even if everything is over
I will never forget the last kiss.

I will never forget...

Here i wanted to express how we sometimes love death or embrace her.

Damn how i love that song from Bonnie, its the saddest lyrics i heard on an anime. Because i read a lot gantz and because the ending song of the anime its really cool.

Whats better for a sad shot that half of the girl you love its hugging you while half of her body its melted down to save you. Wish they had continued the manga.…

But you should try to read the manga its even cooler.

So anyway i was hearing this song while i made this piece, took me around 6 hours in painter.