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The Little Mermaid by JohnathanSung (print image)


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Artist's Statement

the little mermaid
aprox 45 mins to an hr,
nothin too detailed, had to get this done before the day ended. its abit rough but i think it has potential.

when u look at the ocean, u see its relentless, its bigger than us and it never stops, wave after wave
endlessly changing,
its restless.. frantic, turning, loud and scary at times,
and grey and shite others,
it can be cold or warm,
its clear here and murky there,
it can look red, green, purple, and black etc...etc..

and every now and then, it can be still, calm, nice, peaceful and beautiful,
even though u know its going to change again all u can do is enjoy the moment, when ur in it. and while it lasts.


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