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Trouble by RogueDraken (print image)


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Artist's Statement

For weeks, little Vault and Aniela play in their secret area, until one day, Aniela's older sister, Primerose, decided to follow Aniela to see where she secretly went off to during most nights and some days. When Rose discovered Aniela has chosen a Solid as a playmate and friend, fear, anger, and protection overcame Rose's actions and she didn't hesitate to charge in between the young unicorns. Vault was frozen in fear when he suddenly saw the large Spot towering over him. Rose had every right to end the young unicorn, since he was just several yards from the Spot border line. He was the trespasser. With just one blow from her powerful legs, she could easily end him...

(but don't worry, she doesn't ^^ she just chases him off until he crosses the line out of the territory. She doesn't have the heart to kill something so young, and she is a bit worried of her sister seeing such violence)

Took about 4 hours to make

Primerose, Aniela (Dark Angel), and Vault belong to me

NOTE: This was the last time Vault saw Aniela in their childhood


I really did enjoy making this! I figured it was about time to have more pictures up of Aniela and Vault when they were younger. I am in progress of making another picture of them, but before I can finish and post it, I have a few more things I need to work on and put up.
I'll also have more sketches of the Angel later on.


Different Markings of Unicorn Clans

Spots (appaloosas)
Splashes (paints)
Dapples (dapple)
Solids (solid)
Stripes (stripe)


All of the Markings are at war with one another. Mainly the Solids, the most common of Markings, have been on the winning side. The Stripes live in a different region that most, avoiding as much of the war as they can, but they are very skilled fighters and are allies with Spots and Dapples. Somehow, the Splashes managed to become allies with the Solids and grouped together to slowly take out the Spots and Dapples.


Stock Used

Premade Background  1439 by AshenSorrow

Texture 24 by WanderingSoul-Stox

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