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Take me home by hoschie (print image)


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Artist's Statement

A classic cat-aid picture...
Its insane how many beautiful, adorably and lovely cats sit in a shelter day by day and wait to share their love. If you want to make yourself a favour: Adopt your cat from a shelter. You can find nearly all kinds of cats there, even pedigree cats! And if you REALLY want to do a good deed: Take a cat with low chances of a new home. Take the older ones, the black ones or those who have a little handicap. A kitten is adorable but in 6 month the kitten turn into a grown cat too and every cat starts as a little fluffball... There cats are so incredible thankful and full of love. I can just send an appeal from my heart to all of you and say it to your friends as well: Adopt a cat from a shelter. Do not support stupid breeding for money and neuter your cat ;-)

Name: Puschel (translated: Pom Pom)
Gender: boy
Age: grown =)
Location: Cat-house of the cat aid organisation
Status: found a beautiful new home


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