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Times Square by gilad (print image)


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Artist's Statement

You are born to a world of possibilities
Growing up you make plans to change the world
Where you came from makes no difference
The rainbow shines with limitless colors

At least, that's what you think

Your first square is your home
The second is you school
Then you realize your friends are squares too
Relationships, work, career, kids, hobbies

Life is your times squares

Sometimes you get those rare glimpses
And enjoy the light between the squares
Those opportunities to break the pattern of the squares
And look outside your perception into a world of possibilities

A world you were born to a life time ago.


Taken inside the tunnel of the Monument to the Negev Brigade, Israel.

The Monument to the Negev Brigade is a monument designed by Dani Karavan in memory of the members of the Palmach Negev Brigade who fell defending Israel during the War of Independence.

The Monument was built between 1963 and 1968 in a time when Israel was making many physical memorials to those who fought and died in its wars. It is made of raw concrete consisting of 18 separate elements. These elements are symbolic and connected to Palmach and to the War of Independence. The perforated tower alludes to a watchtower shelled with gunfire and the pipeline tunnel is reminiscent of the channel of water in the Negev defended by the soldiers.

The sun was setting and the light came through the cracks in an impressive way. I timed the camera and crawled into position to have the human element in the perspective and depth.

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