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Dive by balaa (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Something that started as something more humble but decided to grow a bit in scale C:. This is my half of a trade with the very patient and lovely hawaiianstile who made me a beautiful and extremely dangerous sharktooth pendant (and there's really no safe way of storing it, I discovered =D!). Since Keone loves to dive, I knew I wanted to depict his character under water from the start but I just never knew what I wanted to do. As always this started with a bunch of waffling about in photoshop..I got a bit carried away with this piece, but I hope you enjoy it ^_^. I am habitually slow with art trades and hence why I usually don't take them, or if I do, request that the other party finish their half after I finish mine ;D!. The fish are Teardrop Butterflyfish which can be found in the waters around Hawaii.

size:4320x2700 at 300dpi
tools:Photoshop and wacom intuos 3
time taken:? broken up over a few days between other things
Recommended Listening: DJ Encore

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