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Song of the soul washer by AquaSixio (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Hand yourself under my care,
I'll do anything for a dare.
I'll banish torments from your head,
Troubles that had you worried,
My soap is harsh but fair,
It'll chase crows from your hair.

Washing the pollution off your soul,
Cleanse your dreams from coal,
Handing black cats a brush,
I'll extinguish your nightmares in a rush.
If your spirit is in deep water,
It'll end the needless slaughter.

You can eradicate that fright,
Hang it on a balloon for a moment.
A heavy heart is no pretty sight,
It'll tame this painful torment,
And wash the shadow off your face,
And you'll avenged for the disgrace.

Text by Aquasixio, english version fixed by :icongoatz:

Time : 26 hours
Software : Photoshop cs2
Tool: Wacom graphir tablet

Work in progress : sixio.free.fr/wipsoul.jpg

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