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nautilus by khaoshaman (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Snow is beautiful, it's humbling, it's peaceful, it brings many to the same level. It was snowing a couple of days ago, really coming down, it was dark and cold and I had a long walk ahead of me. As the snow drifts closed in on the shining blacktop and the rush hour traffic started to bottleneck on the main road, I couldn't help but laugh to myself, all these people, middle upper class civilians in an old victorian era town who think of me as scum to be pushed aside, all these people who shoot me dirty looks all summer and look away as I pass through their neighborhood walking home, are all helpless and lost in the storm, burning away their fuel, becoming agitated and spiteful, honking their horns and paying their insurance so they can spew carbon monoxide into my air and hurry up their disease process of toxic codependency. Their bodies, living yet dying as they rot and decay from misuse, their creature comforts are making them fat and weak, unable to run and jump and climb, unable to hunt or gather.
They drive past me into the swirling dim orange night while I walk, swiftly despite my encumbering layers of insulation and storage devices, I am strong, I am resilient, I am driven. I love the snow, the cold soothes my muscles as they strain under the weight of my cargo, salvaged scrap metal which will serve to undo this nightmare. I don't hold any ill will towards mankind, only sadness at the lost potential they had to be something beautiful. Even this I am gradually letting go of, There is much work to be done if there is to be world for my children to someday call home.

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