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Catoga II for king-size cats by hoschie (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Maybe the one or other of you know what catoga is, if not take a look here…

With catoga most cats stay in shape so Lena (a little "rubens-Kittie" :giggle:) had to do it, too. But I think she looks not as happy as Marvin ;-)

No, serious: Lena is an example for misunderstood pet-love. Her owner (an old lady) died so she and her sister Kati came to the cat-shelter I work for. I´ve never seen such... "big" cats before. They were not really able to move or to clean theirself very properly. That makes me really sad, cause cats were hunters with instincts. They want to play but they were too fat to move... So feed your cat good but not too good!

Names: Lena
Location: cat-house of the cad aid organisation
Actual status: Found a new home with an owner who takes care of her weight =D

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