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Sunny Flower Power by FoxStox (print image)


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Artist's Statement

*You must DOWNLOAD this photo for full size/full res stock.

*Have fun! Be creative. This stock can be used in any creative genre
here on DA.

*Share the love, and link back to my stock page from your deviation.

*This stock is available for use for DeviantArt Prints. You do not
need to ask my permission.

*You may post your works that are derivitive of my stock, anywhere you wish. This includes personal sites, magazines, forums, etc. Notification would be nice, but is not necessary.

*These stock photos are not to be posted on any other stock or resource site.

*It goes without saying that just doing minor editing (such as color tone, changing to black and white, etc.) to the photo, and uploading it as your own is not acceptable. Challenge yourself, and utilize this stock in the true spirit of Digital Art.

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