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Artist's Statement

Yet another Drabblecast Art Reclamation (DARP) cover, this time for episode 11, Black and White Animals part 1: Secret Weapons (which you can listen to here). The B&W Animals trilogy is a silly set of stories created by Norm Sherman and his pals, back in the infancy of the Drabblecast, when commissioned authors wasn't the norm (no pun intended).

In the story, all animals monochromatic in fur or feather (penguins, zebras, pandas) secretly work for space aliens. Depicted in the illustration is Lin Lin, their leader, defiantly biting the arm of a zoo-goer, and thus beginning the revolution.

My normal process was used - pencil, scan, photoshop wacom color, healthy use of clipping paths and layer overlays.


Join in on the DARP (34 slots remain at time of posting). Get the info here

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