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The Samurai by Alegion (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This was my second attempt today to make this pic. My first attempt at 90% complete of the PSD file was not readable for some reason...even with recovery tools available on the net. I was always a fan of Japanese medieval history... simply speaking as a guy... they look cool and they kick ass. ;)
I tried some new techniques with this one to make it look to have that classic painting appearance which I seem to favor. I added the Japanese calligraphy which I found on google..which means "samurai"... hopefully it doesn't mean "flying cow with pot roast in mouth" ... or something. Well anyways enjoy :)

Added a minor element of smoke on the battlefield.

Photoshop CS2, PC Windows XP x64, Wacom intuos3, my mind

:iconrowi-stock: Background: rowi-stock.deviantart.com/art/…
:iconknightfal-stock: Battle Flags: knightfal-stock.deviantart.com…
:iconknightfal-stock: Samurai Helmet: knightfal-stock.deviantart.com…
:iconknightfal-stock: Samurai on Horses: knightfal-stock.deviantart.com…
:iconmjranum-stock: Main Samurai: mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/a…

Please be sure to visit the owners of these stocks for they do such a beautiful and wonderful job.

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