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Gawain: At the Gate to Heaven by Dea-89 (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Finally... *faints*

Okay, so, you know whats really depressing?? I always draw the best when I'm either in an awful mood or being sick.... Right now I'm both, so I blame that fact that this sky turned out so well.... and I know next time I try it again I will completely fail... lol

Drew the bg in livestream, the rest was done today while watching the complete 3rd season of supernatural =v=b LMAO

But now I gotta run off... Had this idea since this morning and got hooked on it <33333 *sits down drawing Alternate Universe stuff for EoT* Hurrhurrrhurr~

Gawain - Lineart by Dea-89

(c) :icondea-89:

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