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Initials Calendar by wroth (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The 'Initials' title is also for a coffee table photo book I will publish soon as a retrospective of my early years of photography, and so this is a forerunner of that. Each month is represented by a photo taken at that time of year, selected from a range of styles.

The pieces for each month as well as the one used on the cover, which are all available as stand alone prints, are as follows,

Ghostcraft (tone) (+text)
01 Dawn Over Paradox
02 Mangled One
03 Gradated Luster
04 Ghostcraft
05 Icon
06 Saffron Deluge
07 Flood
08 Passing Brume
09 Glacial Circulation
10 Mimameid
11 Passion Pangs
12 Last Days (crop)

These prints may vary slightly from the editions in the calendar. You can view each month individually from the links above, or you can Download this deviation to see a .zip archive filled with samples of the actual fourteen pages as they will appear printed.

The full bleed high-dpi source photos along with DeviantArt's outstanding print methods should produce an excellent quality product.

------ ------ ------
Media: Digital photography via Canon EOS, darkroom development in Photoshop on Mac OS.

Print Edition: Open Edition
(see also <a href=">Limited Edition</a> if available, or inquire )

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