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Chupacabra by kimchikawaii (print image)


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Artist's Statement

One of the reasons I like being on here is that sometimes, I get suggestions from other people for subjects that I normally wouldn't think of. I was talking about my Halloween sketches that I'm already working on for 2011 (chibi monsters) and :icontalty: suggested that I try the chupacabra of Mexican legend. I had to do some research first.

There are two different appearances for it. It's either a really ugly greenish greyish scaled thing with spines down it's back that hops like a kangaroo or it's a really ugly dog looking thing with no fur. Notice the use of 'really ugly' in both cases. It seems to have a taste for goat blood.

How do you make something so ugly look cute? Well, I thought it would be a fun challenge. A handful of sketches later and I came up with this one. I decided to go with the scaly green one so I could do more with the face. I think it did come out cute in an ugly way :)

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