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DW: i'm the king of OK by vivalalixi (print image)


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Artist's Statement


OMGGGOSH it's not hetalia.

i was always a one fandom fangirl. hopefully my new obsession doesn't make me neglect hetaria. >.< yes, i'm uber late. i just finished season 5 and half of 6. i can't wait for the sept eps. kyaah. /geekmuchprz

idris. river. who. amy. rory.

idris- The box will “never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient. And the bluest blue ever.” that scene made me cry. the scene where idris was saying "hello" made me cry too. inspiration from christopher kane's galaxy dresses.

river- "The only water in the forest is the River." so i made the dress very fluid. also inspiration from the weeping angels episode. it's when i first met her.

DOCTAAA- matt smith's not drop dead gorgeous. but him as the doctor? IRRESISTIBLE. idk man, i've never actually designed men's wear before. did i pass? :> bowties are cool. yes? YES.

amy- something sexy, cute at the same time. also very short, cuz it's criminal to not show off gillian's legs. if i was given the chance to choose whose legs i wanted it'd be her's for sure.

rory- uhmm centurian inspired? lol i love rory, i could relate to him the most. the pretty one /gigglesnort.

I NEED THE REST OF THE SEASONS. my friends have been telling me to stay away from the tennant eps. should i?

:star:… :star:

i wanna watch harry potter SOOO bad.

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