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Dream Under the NorthernLights by MBoulad (print image)


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Artist's Statement

For childrensillustrator November theme, Polar Bears.

Under the flickering northern lights, the polar bear sleeps soundly.

And as he sleeps, he dreams...

Of rising into the air like a snowflake on an updraft off the early spring tundra; of swimming through the aqua lit sky as though he were underwater, chasing the laughing fur seals that leave trails of shining stars in the heavens.

As he dreams his feet twitch with every dream stroke of his legs through the sky of water--through the shimmering Northern Lights.

It is a good dream, and he is happy.

I don't think polar bears are cute or cuddly, I think they're splendid beasts...hunters. I think their dreams might be something like this :D

I hope so!

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