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Periodic Table of Storytelling by DawnPaladin (print image)


All rolled Fine Art Paper Prints ship with an additional 1.5" bright white border. learn more. Gallery framed Fine Art Prints ship with an additional 2" bright white border. All Gallery Wrapped Prints ship with an additional 1" bright white wrapped border. View Original

Artist's Statement

NOTE: An updated version of this product can be found here:…

Get a poster-size print of the Periodic Table of Storytelling! Writers, hang it up on your wall in a location where you can stare at it for inspiration and/or throw darts, if necessary. Fans and bibliophiles, keep a copy handy for easy reference so you can keep track of hairy plot twists. English Lit teachers, get one for your classroom and watch student interest soar!

These prints have a white, sciencey background (lab coat sold separately) and the box of examples at the bottom has been removed. 16-inch prints look good; 20-inch prints and larger appear truly impressive. I recommend clicking Photo Prints on the right--that'll get you a good 20-inch print at a lower price than the Fine Art prints offer. This is official TVTropes merchandise; every purchase helps pay the hosting fees for the all-encompassing catalogue of tropes.

This poster emits high quantities of Sciencium rays. These do not interact with matter in any detectable way, with the sole exception of making the person standing in front of this poster feel smarter. Bask in the tropey, sciencey, awesome-y rays!

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