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cry by Novawuff (print image)


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Artist's Statement

this is :iconsimkaye: 's dragon, Cry
part of the japan fundraiser project, annnd... this needs a big disclaimer:
yeah, this is way way more than a sketch or a small painting like i was supposed to do. i don't fit very much personal art into my project list, and so I don't usually get to choose what I want to work on. this image had the potential for me to really push some things I wanted to learn better.. clouds, sunset lighting, bounce light, atmospheric light.. mostly light :D also dragon anatomy.. I don't do dragons often at all o.o so i took advantage of the opportunity i had.
I really hope no one gets upset at me for being unfair and not spending this much time on everyone.. it was really sort of a selfish thing; i just wanted to see how well i could do this.
anyways. i had fun :P

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