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Spring Petals by Kyena (print image)


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Artist's Statement

The third addition to my season series.

This time Spring.
Some throughts I had while painting this:

Spring has to fight her way out of the grasp of Winter before she can fully blossom.
Thus the webish cocoon thing at the bottom of her dress.

The dress itself is supposed to mimic a caterpillar at the bottom and the floating veils should sympolize the transformation into a butterfly (probably a bit too much symbolism and suger hmm?)..

I added the cloudy weather because April belongs to Spring and I really hate the moody character of that can have sun and the next time clouds coming in and rain for hours..

Some other things which are personal to me have been added as well but I am not going to bore you with that :) (the things that made me chose the color scheme above all).

I used a smiliar picture of myself for the arms and hands (didn't help much though - I shouldn't have chosen that pose to start with...) and all different kind of butterfly pictures and flowers (mainly of chinese cherry trees and Magnolias (spelling?))
No references for the clothing or anything else

Hope you enjoy! :)

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