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No Rave without Coffee by FOERVRAENGD (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I love coffee, believe me. And I also love to go to rave parties (sober of course).

I actually got this idea last weekend when I went to a rave called "Technostate". They had a great lasershow, after dancing a few hours I mostly sit down to rest a bit. And when I do that I also order a cup of coffee with a lot of sugar in it.
Mostly you would drink alcohol or energy drinks at a party. But I prefer coffee somehow. Because when I stand there, drinking my cup or coffee, I look at all the people dancing and I feel somehow composed and relaxed. And after that cup of coffee I go straight back to the dance floor and continue raving all night.
Man i love coffee.

Tools: Corel Painter and Photoshop

I finally managed to make my own laser without using a photograph. And i really REALLY love the brushes I used for the smoke:… <--- check it OUT!