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Half Star by priteeboy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

A half-star rating is probably the best this ball of gas could get in celestial terms, for it's not quite a properly developed star with nuclear fusion in its core, yet still not as small and dark as a planet either. It's an oddball somewhere in between, filling the gap between what's a star and what's a planet and one that I don't see often illustrated in much detail among the space art genre.

It's actually a "Brown Dwarf" star, though technically giving off brown light is impossible, but the name was just to fill the dim, cool area of the star spectrum between red and black. A weak reddish-orange light shows more noticeably on the side in the dark while the brighter side in this case is being lit up by a companion star. They apparently may have Jupiter-like stripes, whiter stripes are thicker, high altitude clouds, so they mask out the feeble light coming from the heat inside while it shines through less interrupted in the shallower, darker bands. Some asteroids and moons are bound to orbit around it.

So my comment was more scientific this time, art-wise I admit it's not anything new or groundbreaking for me. But I just wanted to have fun drawing something relatively easy for me since I've been focusing on mostly tedious stuff lately. This was a nice break I created over a couple of days and arguably one of the most detailed brown dwarf renderings around, so I'm pretty happy with that ;)

All artwork in my gallery remains my copyrighted property. Please do not use, edit or repost my art without my permission

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