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Oscar Close Up by Ayame-Kenoshi (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This is my lil' Oscar, who's not so little anymore, but that's what I call him anyway. Compared to my other cat, he's quite tiny. :giggle:

Oscar wandered into our garage a few years ago as a tiny kitten and he was too adorable to give up. :aww: He's a strange one, as he'll be super friendly one moment and running away scared to death the next. If you catch him in the right mood, though, he'll turn over on his back, let you rub his tummy, and melt your heart.

Just playing around with my camera for this one. I was going to do some effects, but I think I liked it best in its raw, natural form.

I just realized this is kind of similar to the photo aunjuli posted of her adorable cat Bailey. I didn't mean to steal the pose. o.o

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