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BJD: Young B by Maru-Light (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Don't panic, I didn't repaint Dolly!B. I actually got a duplicate mold some time ago because the Leeke Mihael is one of my favorite molds out there and I was eager to paint another one after painting B. Well, I painted him tonight... and he gave me such grief in the process--things went wrong with his sealer and all sorts of other technical difficulties, he took me twice as long as he should have because I was trying to repair damage as it was happening. :faint: Never a happy time.

But he pulled through. Now initially I just wanted to paint the boy, I didn't know who he was, or who I wanted him to b (haha pun) but after all that happened and all was said and done, I put him together and well... there he was.

For argument's sake, let's call him 'Young B.' This could be B when he first came to Wammy's as a little boy (and he's a small doll too, lol, much smaller than Dolly!B) Or perhaps he's a young B of a whole different nature... ;)

In any event. He nearly killed me tonight. He's earned it.

Faceup & photo by me.

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