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:: Rainbow drops ''' :: by Liek (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Just needed one more for my upcomming rainbow calendar :excited:

rainbow drops 1
rainbow drops 2
rainbow drops 3
rainbow drops 4
rainbow drops 5
rainbow drops 6 (sold)
rainbow drops 7
rainbow drops 8
rainbow drops 9


Please do not use my work for anything at all!!!
My works are copyrighted, some are even licened by print stores. I had to sign legal contracts for that to prevent others from using my images. I'm truly sorry but I don't have time to answer emails and notes about this question anymore.

People keep saying my watermarks are so ugly, and I really have to agree. Even if I tried several different ones they never made my images look better. And again, I hate them more than you do. Did you know that people are selling my work(s) and works from my friends? Please try and understand my reasons.

Thanks ;)

This picture is also in the gallery of: SkyAndNatureClub + h2o-macro

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