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GT5 A License Gold by Aaron-A-Arts (print image)


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Artist's Statement

so, i'll try to create some atmosphere:

its the last test in the A License test series. i've got all gold on 9 of 10. all i have to do is over take 15 opponents in one lap, at High Speed Ring, driving a stock EVO X

among my opponents are a 350Z, an 04 GTR, a Toyota Supra, and a Honda NSX. this is a challenge.

look at the photo... its the last turn, i'm in 3rd place. because i couldn't get close enough to 2nd before entering the turn i'm forced to overtake on the outside of this insanely fast turn.

the photo is just after a hard break forcing a drift at around 150. my advantage over these two cars i'm about to overtake is that my EVO is 4WD ;)

i took the supra on the outside clean, then took the inside and bullied the nsx out of first a little bit after exiting the turn

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