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Greet the Morning by phatpuppy (print image)


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Artist's Statement

*Updating due to the fact that this has been stolen over a dozen times -- yesterday finally got a well known music group to credit me and use the right picture -- they had re-edited my version and was using it in connection with their music. Fortunately, it had a happy ending - we made friends and they are allowed to continue to use this as long as my link and watermark are there.
If anyone sees this image being used in the way I edited it, please let me know.... (i.e., if they re-manipped it, etc... or using without a link or copyright).
I am also allowed, I learned, to enable for print!!!!!

I'd like to start my day like this... :)

all stock purchased dreamstime - some of the clouds are my own pics taken here in San Clemente. ;-)

hair painted and brushes used: :iconivadesign:

The link to original photo is here:…

I tried to take an already great photo and add dramatic contrast. I wish I had taken the photo.

Let me give you some background on this piece

Now let me start by saying this - I did this piece when I found out my grandmother was going into the hospital - my husband gone out of state on a job that took him three weeks out of the month - with me home with the four kids.
I loved the image and thought a lot more contrast and color could be added.
I wanted to make it really more dramatic.
So I had taken a bunch of my own clouds photos (i'm a cloud nut) and added a bunch of overlays - some texture too.
Added birds (which everyone criticized at first because they were a bit transparent - oh well.. Then painted some hair - and then final colors and tones.
I did it more for me...a personal piece. When I uploaded it - it went berzerko and I didn't know why - I still don't. But people like the changes I made. I'm sorry if I didn't build it all piece by piece - if you go thru my gallery, you'll see many more pieces that I did do a LOT too -
Sometimes only a few things are needed to make one picture completely change in feeling. I hope I achieved that with this piece. With art, it can be a subtle change that gives an entire new meaning and feeling - evoking a whole new set of emotions.

I honestly didn't think it would gain the popularity it did. But I think a lot of people wish they could wake up feeling like this - I know I do.

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