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Michael Jackson Typeface by PhreshSoldier (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Hello i'm Ziarekenya let me start off saying this was a God inspire Design so I really give him all the credit 1st. I thank God again for able to give me some amazing strength and will to complete this Art Work in 4 days, because the last two Typeface Portrait I did took like a week or 5 days, so God gave me the strength in focus to design this picture for 15 hours straight and only 10-20min breaks for 4 straight days. A human body shouldn't be able to do such thing like that, and on the last day I work on it for like 18 hours with no lunch break or dinner break, so I was designing this Art work on a empty stomach, like I said before God gave me strength in amazing focus for this design now let's start about the design now!

1st I made a Michael Jordan typeface then I top it with a Muhammad Ali typeface and now i'm ending it with a Michael Jackson typeface. Why I chose to do typeface of these three because we all have one thing common, and that is to become the greatest of course they already made they mark by doing that, now it's my turn to show the world what I have to offer. I really look up to all three of them, they really help me to keep pushing myself to accomplish that one goal that nobody can take away and that is becoming the greatest at what you do. I hope y'all enjoy the Michael Jackson typeface because it's fill with all Michael's hit songs, accomplishments, and life story it's just really something you might want to read and see how great Michael was I even found out new things out about MJ I didn't even know so, again I hope y'all enjoy!

P.S. It took over 40,000 texts or more to complete this design.
R.I.P Michael Jackson Your Music Will Live Forever 6/25/2009

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