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Full Sail Poster by PhreshSoldier (print image)


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Artist's Statement

Where can I start off last Thursday, on the 12th that’s when God gave me the inspiration to create this design as soon as I walk in the house he store this vision in my head to create. 1st I sketch the design out to see what it was going to look like then something just told me Ziare if you bring God vision to life you will make your mark at your college Full Sail University. So I did day-by-day working on it and praising God name while I was designing it, and on the 5th day that’s when I knew this design going to open doors for me when I show it to my instructors at Full Sail. Last but not least I had to incorporate God in this design so if you pay attention to the very top star that’s white and pure that’s the symbol that represent God and his glory for guiding me through this design.

The Concept of this design is kind of unique you can read it from top to bottom on bottom to top Full Sail University “Where your Dreams come to A Reality or Where your Dreams come to A Reality “Full Sail University” But I’ll give you a short brief description of this design basically I’m saying at Full Sail University that’s where your dreams will come true but sometimes that’s not true, your dreams can come true anywhere you just got to work hard and make sure you love what you do and just believe and have faith in God that he can do exceedingly abundantly.

The Details on this design is simply amazing when I said I went and extra mile with all the details I really did make sure you click on the “HD Version Picture” so you can see it, and zoom in as well every part of the design his nice crisp and clean. From the shadowing to the colors, to the lighting effects it’s just so much to admire on this design just sit and stare at it and you will see 5 days worth of work in the design.

Well that’s it DECIANART I did it, it’s here leave me feedback and comments on this picture and tell me what you think express your opinion to me good or bad THANK YOU!

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