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The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH by dahlig (print image)


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Artist's Statement

"Wrath - Inappropriate feelings of hatred and anger. (...)Impatience with the law, or seeking revenge outside of justice, such as with unnecessary vigilantism. Wishing to do evil or harm to others." - Wikipedia

The colour theme - the colours red, orange, black remind me of fire -> destruction
Lightning (in the frame and background)- something destructive, rapid, uncontrollable
The hairstyle - another reference to fire
The make-up - a reference to battle marks (you know, face painting etc)
The feathers - (I tried to make them look "sharp" rather than soft and fluffy); to me, in this form they bare a resemblance to tribes -> Wrath seen as something wild and primal.
The whip she is holidng - a symbol of power
The shattered earth - the influence Wrath has on the world

The date of the submission is symbolic as well - it has been exactly 2 years since I have first started the series. :(

- I am aware that the style and the technique is much simpler than what I have displayed in my recent works, but I had to keep the style consistant throughout the series. So yes, I know I haven't painted every wrinkle or skin pore etc.
- art nouveau stylization (A.Mucha); couple of refs used but nothing copied straight nor nothing major (whip for example)
- about 30 hours spent in Painter

So it's finally all done...

Thank you all so, so much. If you have a spare second, please check my journal. :)

PS. I am NOT doing the Heavenly Virtues.
PS2. The print, in case you want one, will be available anytime now. :)

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