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Artist's Statement

I'm not decided whether to check mature content or no. Breast are shown but it has no sexual or offensive content... What do you think?

(quoted from other forums)
A Modern Classical Painting workshop commissioned by ImagineFX, to be found in Issue 17.

To be exact, I aimed at an early XXth century stylization. Lots and lots of studying done to get the subject, composition and feeling right... The works of W. Bouguereau and Lord Frederic Leighton were especially helpful :)
For extra fun, I incorporated some elements from works the old masters' paintings: e.g. I placed the character in the same forest as Bouguereau his Biblis. Please check the link below for details! Also, I ended up adding a small surreal twist to the image. I will refrain from outlaying the idea behind it, I hope the picture itself manages to tell the story. :)

The whole image was done in Painter X with Airbrushes, Chalks, Oils and Blenders with slight help from Photoshop. Aside from some live reference, I used many paintings/photos for inspiration and anatomy checks - click to see. The images were found through google,, and (if I remember correctly) getty.

The painting technique was quite different from my usual, with much more Airbrush used in the process. Also, when doing the background, I went for a looser look, only hinting details with visible brushstrokes instead of painting everything precisely.

All comments and critiques are most welcome :D