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Phoenix Rising by tigaer (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This is my benchmark painting for this year. It definitely is the biggest project i ever did so far. It also marks a personal milestone. I'm really happy with the result. The project involved 2d/3d work with Photoshop and Vue on the one side. On the other side i learned a lot more stuff on the compositing and animation end of things when it comes to camera mapping. At first i only wanted to create a neat looking painting with an option for a camera mapping animation. I never thought i'd try the animation part any time soon but when i was almost through with the actual picture i started to play. A few weeks, and countless hours of render time later, there was the animation.

Technique wise i worked with a similar approach like on my 'Gates to Elysium' project from last year. More info on that can be found in the article on my site: The animation part was more complex and i learned a lot. The camera movement through the scene and the ships as well as some other elements were rendered in different passes and combined in After Effects. Countless crashes included i managed to work myself through the procedure and tried to make the best of my abilities and hadware. If i ever have to thank my computer then i definitely want to do it here. My machine had to work like a... an... undescribable thing... to pull all that off.

The compositing end involved motion tracking, masking, animation, effects and color correction. It was quite a load to work through but i think i found a good way to make the video look nice.

I couldn't even explain how much work went into this project. I'm just glad it's done and that it really paid off. It looks awesome! I really hope you like this one.

Intuos3 - Photoshop cs4 - Vue8


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