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barista by spyed (print image)


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Artist's Statement

blue bottle coffee company in san francisco.

More human condition than street, but I really loved this photo for a variety of reasons. There are things about it that could be improved, and so I would love critique from any street photographers out there.

this was about 3 months ago.. which was actually a life time ago for me. i've been meaning to post it since. but, I generally haven't had much motivation to post.

I've got a theory about creativity which I think is interesting. I had a lot of motivation to take photos when I took this one, and I was in a remarkably negative state. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and the funk of that was just all over me. So creativity was a wonderful outlet.

Since then I haven't had motivation to create art work/take photos. even though I used to carry my camera around all the time before lately I haven't been.

And I believe that is because I am moving from a negative to a positive state and have not yet settled.

When I took this photo and even now, I love it.. probably because to me there is a lot of information here not only about this photo but also about the emotional state I was in and comparing and contrasting where I was then and where I am now is deeply satisfying... for me the central character here is for whatever reason an icon to me, a summary of this moment in my life. so it's a very personal photo. but I do think it's nice to look at in general.

Anyway my theory is, I find that quality inspiration is derived through changing emotional state. positive to negative, negative to positive. and I also think that if one is stuck in a positive or negative state of mind, that their creativity is hindered and reduced to dabbling with time. perhaps one in a stable positive mindset or negative mindset is just skill building, repeating familiar patterns and getting better at them. but true deviation, creation, invention, inspiration, creativity is formed as one transitions from a positive state to a negative state or negative to positive. that's where the good stuff comes from.

lastly I think that the actual release of this inspiration in the form of actual creativity occurs once there is stability. so once you first arrive to a negative state, or once you first arrive to a positive state you find yourself actually producing and releasing.

so, maybe if you are sad in your life, or happy in your life, or unsure in your life.. think about this outline and this theory... maybe it will help you to know that creativity is on its way.. or if you're blocked, maybe you need to toss things around in your life to spark a change in order to produce inspiration.

what do you think?

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