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theory cover by RalphNiese (print image)


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Artist's Statement

finally i got that theory work out the park!

title says: Job or Vocation (to) Comic. (german is a bit tricky and easy because job=beruf and vocation=berufung sound nearly the same and therfor are predestinated for word juggling - clever meaning trickery - whatever!)

I wrote a little in my style of writing something sounding theoretically meaningful about ways getting into comics and stuff to do sideby. i just scratched the tip of the iceberg. sadly. i got no time in the end and now having given the work to the prof 2 weeks too late makes me all woozy in the mind of that she even will accept it :ashamed: blamey, oh blamey!

I gotta thank you all who answered my questions! that helped alot to up the page count :D and made it look proper for a a theory work! super huge group hug!!!

now knocking on the regular schedule having a 64 pages comicbook about my dear native americans out in mid june and all the other stuff that is pending!!! news soon, soon!

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