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Beauty and the beast by Aomori (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I hope she is more beautiful than 'beasty' this bear cub is :giggle:

It's my entry to :iconelves: Elves & Beasts contest -> elves.deviantart.com/blog/3065… I managed to finish it just before the deadline :phew:

I'm not sure if judges will like my interpretation of the theme, they were asking for a beast, 'the bigger the better'. But I just *had* to draw this idea ^^

It's not as detailed as it could be, but I like it how it looks now. I hope you'll like it too :)

:star: download if you'd like to see full size (about 2000 px wide) :star:

Ayreen (elven girl) is (c) to me
Various brushes, mostly those from nathie used to draw grass
Bears are referenced form photos, bear cub from this one: www.alaska-in-pictures.com/dat…

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