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Artist's Statement

My contribution to the “Evil Penis Campaign” contest. Although I am not officially entering the contest, I did want to support it, so I am submitting this piece.

I want to take the time now to thank everyone who participated in the contest. Especially ChaoticGoddess, who makes sure I continue to believe. I was truly moved by some of the tributes. Not only for the work that was submitted, but by the words that accompanied said works. It would be easy for me to become cynical about my art considering the negative feedback I have received at times regarding some of the more difficult aspects of it. When I see some of the things written by those that truly believe in what I do, I am blown away. At these times I feel that nothing else matters.

Together…we are getting through. For you to accompany me on a journey that can sometimes be difficult means everything to me.

Much :heart: to all of you.


"Evil Penis" haters stay away. I am not in the fucking mood.


Stock Credits:

Some Textures From - StockXchng
Additional textures and stock from my personal archive.