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Art Nouveau by TheMinttu (print image)


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Artist's Statement

I found this lineart on my drive by chance while browsing through some older files. I made the drawing for an art history project back in 2008 when I was 16. Our assignment was to create a poster for a random event in the style of a 19th-20th century artist (I guess it was something like that, I'd forgotten about this). I chose Alphonse Mucha, an Art Nouveau painter.

Anyways, I still somehow liked the drawing, and decided to add some digital color to it. The date is my birthday when I turned 17. I don't think I still have the original.

(Kissanristiäiset = literally "cat christening", hence the cat - a Finnish expression that means a pointless, unnecessary celebration or event)

Colors and editing on Photoshop CS4.

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