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Deadwood Scourge, Inks. by VARAKIENEN (print image)


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Artist's Statement

As promised, a tribute to Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer.

This is the stuff I Glory in!

Im considering doing a little more work in the white back ground, fine lines or swirls perhaps.

But in the end, its the non linear organic flow of a piece like this that brings out my free hand talent. Ive got a subtle ying yang thing going.
I get a sensation like my blood is on fire and can barely stay still at the drawing board, some times needing to get up and pace for a bit and write stories and scenarios around it in my mind before I can sit down again.

In truth I intend to do a graphic novel one day on this guy.
It would be Nice to have permission from frank him self or his family, but i may have to go ahead and just DO it and take the law suit after. HAHAHA.
I promise i would do the subject matter proud. Really.
But its In me and I will Have to let it Out one day!
There's no way around that.

I AM a Fan, and fan is short for Fanatic after all.

looking for critiques and some one to attempt colors.
- Grant Moon.

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