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Foxes of the World by Culpeo-Fox (print image)


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Artist's Statement

if you need any reference of foxes in colour, size comparison, species, because you have to learn something about that for school or because you are just curious or whatever. please. you can use it. as long as it is used privately for your own. in other words: please do not steal it. i spend so many hours in doing this. :) if you use it not for your own privacy; all credits are (c) to moi. :P

for everyone: CRAB-EATING FOX here is named as MAIKONG (cerdocyon thous) because: maikong is german for crab eating fox (that sounds so cool, even for german ears :P )

(watch out; huuugh picture!)

finally done! *phew* all foxes of the world on ONE paper. well, it was a work of a few weeks . (every day a little bit) completely done on pc.

i think, one of the reasons, i did this, was, that nearly everyone, who hears or says "fox", has the red fox in mind...but there are so many other fox species in the world, some of them nearly unkown - so i did this (including extinct species on the bottom, but without all the subspecies of every single fox-species ;) well, maybe ill add them some day )

god, i hope, i didnt forget one :P (if yes, feel free to shoot me )
and yesh, i know, im a fox-freak - SO WHAT? . =P

have to mention luzie here; she knows why ;)

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