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Quartz by Kerahna (print image)


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Artist's Statement

This took so long i didn't even bother recording the time o_o;
As usual, drawn in pencil, then cged in CS3 and SAI :love: OMG SAI IS GREAT IF YOU HAVENT DOWNLOADED IT GO NOW.

I think this is my best cg so far. i think. i wasted a lot of time doing this X_X;

Anime North gave me TWO 4' by 8' panels to put my art on, so i told them to only give me ONE. And i STILL don't have enough decent art to fill it >_< And im not allowed to give it to anyone >________<;; I have until next friday...*dies* I hate the notion of displaying and selling crappy OLD art that everyone will hate :'(

These two characters are from my earlier cgs… and…, and the title comes from their names (Rose and Amethyst)

I think ive improved since the first picture of Rose LOL wtf it looks awful. I'm not taking it to Anime North. Even though its my most faved for some odd reason o_O PEOPLE can't you SEE that it SUCKS?!

It's stupid but this picture is like showing the two sisters in between day and night. the window behind them is night time, but the ball is reflecting a bright window. yeah twilit dusklit actually no i thought of that excuse AFTER i drew the ball, and decided that a bright background is ugly so i made it black.

the pattern on amethyst's decolletage is by solitary-stock, and the moon faintly in the star map is from a photo.

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