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Artist's Statement

This is my latest time-killing work (I mean I spent almost 3 weeks on it)... Look out, the full view is huge )))

It was inspired by a song named "Gabriel" by Lamb. Even though the picture and the song have different meanings I felt like rendering something like this.

EDIT: Treyos finally finished writing his version of the full story! Yeeeeeey!!! And it's sooooooo wonderful, it like a second life to my painting! Thank you so much, Trey-kun!!! :hug:

Please go and read it, it's worth your time, I swear! ^____^
Here you can find it:……

The actual story behind this peace is that the girl was a "witch" who heeled people with the help of her spirits. They told her what the problem was and how to solve it or which herbs she must use to cure a person. The villagers often visited her for advice though steel fearing her powers much, but the head people and citizens of the town did not trust her and called her a "dark child". One day she saw something she never had seen before - an angel. It was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes upon. She instantly felt so captivated by him she couldn't utter a word. She didn't even know if he was real or just a hallucination... He called himself Gabriel and told her that she must go to the governor and tell him that if his army will go north it'll be destroyed (the city was in state of war). And when the girl did what she was told the commanders went mad and began to threaten her, they said that they had enough information about the location of their enemies and that she just tries to lead them in the wrong direction, that she is a traitor! They did not believe her... Especially when she said that it was a message from an angel. They proclaimed her as insane and put her in irons into a cave in the woods. The situation went even worse when she told that the country will probably fall if they did not follow the advise of Gabriel!... they put out her eyes saying that she will never ever see that "angel" again!... The spirits had gone wild but couldn't do anything because they had no power in the physical world...... Time went by in hunger and coldness, and the girl started to think that she had imagined the holy creature... but then he came! And here she was, sitting on ice-cold ground, feeling the warm touch of his hands, stroking the soft and subtle feathers of his wings and thinking one thing - "He is real!" She did not care about the cold or her sudden blindness (though she craved to see him one more time); she "saw" the light he brought, the warmth he gave her... "He is real!"... But WHAT THE HELL! The story cannot end just like that! -___- So then Gabriel made her see again, took her to Heavens and they lived happily ever after! :) or maybe not...:(

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