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Bloody Groundhog Day poster by tymime

Bloody Groundhog Day poster by tymime (print image)


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Artist's Statement

"Nigel Landon, college theology professor and eccentric, sets out to unravel the origins of Groundhog Day. During his research, he tests what would happen if a groundhog didn't go back into its burrow when it sees its shadow, inadvertently releasing Sút, the terrible ancient Nordic winter demon, upon the unsuspecting town of Fallbrook, Michigan. Soon the shadow unleashes a terrible snowstorm, and begins preying on innocent townsfolk. It's up to Lola, a tireless college student and journalist with a knack for getting into trouble, and Rick, the kind janitor and shell-shocked WWII veteran, as well as Prof. Landon's know-how, to stop this chilling menace.
"What does the shadow want? What dark secret is the professor hiding? Can Rick fight his own inner demons? Can they escape an eternal winter?"
©1959 Manticore Pictures

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Partly inspired by the poster of an actual B-movie, The Bloody Brood. Also bolstered with the Quick Character Generator.

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