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OPHELIA OVERDOSE calendar 2014 by Ophelia-Overdose

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Model, make-up, hair, retouch, costume design: :iconophelia-overdose: |

Photographer: Gary Clutterbuck

Headpiece: Posh Fairytale 

Fashion: Miss Overdose |

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:iconbehindinfinity: Jin as Kenshin Himura
:facebook: Jin.behindinfinity | Tumblr | :twitter: skybluedays
:camera: photographed by Reskiy

The first proper photo of my movie version Kenshin cosplay! ^_^x Reskiy did such an excellent job capturing the tone and feeling I had in mind for the photo!

6 days to go until the Philippine premiere of the Rurouni Kenshin movie sequel! And as some of you have already heard, some very special guests will be coming over from Japan</a> to celebrate with us!


Going back to the photo, here finally is a proper look at this costume! I started putting it together after watching the first RK film two years ago. The design may look simple, but getting the right fit and draping is important for it to look flattering and feel comfortable. My kimono and hakama were made by my friend Charmie, whom I trusted with these because she specializes in these types of garments. And she definitely delivered! And then I really enjoyed the dyeing and weathering I did on the fabrics to get as close to the colors and textures as seen in the movie.

Makeup for this cosplay was a challenge since I don't usually need to try to resemble an existing human being. Obviously I don't have Takeru's face, but I did what I could to achieve a similar feel to his look in the movie. I also did my best to look different through angle and expression. Miguel helped me too, by putting realistic shading on my cross scar. I jumped a bit when I first saw my reflection, hahah! It looked real!

My sakabatou, isn't it beautiful? It is the product of my shy approach toward a maker of swords that I have long admired. It led to a lot of discussions, and to me watching the movie over and over to catch glimpses of the tsuba/sword mount design of Kenshin's sakabatou since we couldn't find good stills of it at the time. I said I would observe as much as I could, and make a drawing to serve as reference. The feeling was unreal when after some time, I saw my drawing come to life, forged into an actual tangible object. After many months of trials, one day everything came together — the dark iron tsuba I drew, ochre wrapping cords, dark cherry wood sheath, and inside, a fully-sharpened reverse blade made of carbon steel. Amazing! I'm so happy that such a beautiful sword can be part of my cosplay of a character that had changed me so much for the better!
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Photographer - Orson Carter

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I am missing summer, how about you?
This is a selfie with my model, shot after a shooting session last summer.
(I am the blond girl)
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Model : Katerina Roustemi  see more on Photo Model
Taken with my new Takumar 50mm F 1,4
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My misty cosplay has really gotten popular with you guys! XD
Do you want me to do more pokemon cosplays?
If so what trainer/pokemon would you like me to do? ^-^

Hope you like it! ^w^

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:iconwhitespringpro: Misty

:iconkufubuki: Photo

Toge-kiss by WhiteSpringPro 
Misty by WhiteSpringPro
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