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Art trades [OPEN]
I'll open wet trades for now :3
- this isn't first come first serve!
- I won't draw Sonic characters or humans.
- you must be a watcher
- no need to share :3
- NO NSFW!!!
- no couples (sorry I'm lazy TwT)
I do:
- single characters.
- full colour digital
- anthro
- sexy (like underwear.)
- gore
- ocs
Plz no rush!!
(More probably soon XD
:iconinkingsky:InkingSky 5 20

Welcome ~ Hello ~ Konichiwa ~!Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1]

Xin chào mấy bẹn,hôm nay Nxx-Irinaa (là tui đuây =3) cùng với con Usagi-Yoush (là nó đây :V) cùng hợp tác mở cái class.

Do sự rảnh rỗi sinh nông nỗi của hai con cucheoo đáng eoo và do sự rảnh rỗi nghỉ hè của nhiều bẹn nên tụi tui mở class :''DD Class xinh tươi đáng yêu của tụi tui mang tên Marceline nhie :''DD Tui cũng chả hiểu tại sao nó lại là Marceline,đây là tên khác của con Ú kia nhưng cũng hay nên 
:iconmarceline-class:Marceline-Class 5 112
The best thing I ever did for my art
A lot of people have really interesting stories to tell about some kind of turning point in their lives where they had an epiphany and everything seemed to just fall into place or they drastically improved. I feel like im hitting one of those points in my life - or more correctly I hit it. 
I had a friend. A good friend for a long while. Helped each other with art, gave each other tips. It was great. I always wanted art friends. As a person who grew up being unconfident and timid, it was great having this kind of friend around to talk about something I really loved. Which was just drawing - drawing whatever we wanted and liked. 
Eventually over time, things changed. For the worse. But I didn't - in the beginning - want to believe that for a second. 
Each day became a new task to lift this friend up from their lows. About how they felt bad about their work and what they were producing. 
This, in essence isn't a problem. I want to help people as much as I can. I belie
:iconplaguey:Plaguey 5 4
Updated the old commissions journal, this is the newest one!
Check my profile to see if commissions are open!
Some baseline rules and stuff:-
Bullet; Blue EEVEELUTIONS. EEVEELUTIONS. ONLY. Well, maybe I can try some other quadruped Pokemon or animals (and Pikachu!), but do that at your own risk, 'cause I really am horrible at everything else.
Bullet; Blue I do mainly Pokemon, but I can try animals and such. Mainly quads, though. Bipedal is never good for me.
Bullet; Blue I do both traditional and digital, so specify that clearly.
Bullet; Blue I've got school, homework and stuff, so commissions may take some time...
Bullet; Blue Sometimes with traditional art, I may add filters to the drawing to make it look better/ clearer.
Bullet; Blue Specify exactly what you want. Pose
:iconshootingstareevee:ShootingStarEevee 4 25
i was tagged by H0p3-t0-D13 who was tagged by a-girl-named-divine waow
i feel loved
- answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
- tag 13 deviants. make sure they know they are tagged. (uhhh i don't know a lot of people on this site but i follow a lot of people so i'll just tag some)
- don't say "you're tagged if you read this."
- it is forbidden not to tag anyone.
- no tagging back.
a-girl-named-divine's questions:
1. a song that helped you through a difficult time?
anything soft and slow by Adele or Tears by Clean Bandit if i'm sad
Angels by Vicetone and anything by Get Scared when i'm mildly pissed
i actually listen to near-dixieland jazz and orchestral when i'm raging to the point of murder idk
that's weird (joe hisaishi is my god)
2. something you're good at which isn't necessarily a "useful life skill" but makes you happy anyway?
oooooh i can imitate birdcalls really well
my favourite's a black-capped chickadee
:icondustysparrow:dustysparrow 4 22
1000 watcher special raffle! [open]
I finally reached 1000 watchers! 
So raffle time! 
To enter comment below with the word "Nyah" 
3 winners will be randomly picked through 
Each winner gets drawings 
Half body drawings 
need at least 20 people
:iconpomrawr:pomrawr 3 13
Okay so I don't think I've posted anything about birthdays for my OCs
So Imma do it now and make a list of it
I only remember two so I'll update this when I remember or come up with more
Birth Dates:
Shade.A - 10/6/1999
Luna - 9/29/1999 (almost hers! :'D)
:iconcrazypotatoqueen:CrazyPotatoQueen 3 10
Every Character for $5-10- Quitting D/A [open
Offer on any character
Somewhere between $5-10
I will also accept league of legends gifts ; )))
:iconfaeu:Faeu 2 26
Temporary muse switch???+RP Starter/Call
Illegal Corndogs; I kinda want to try my hand at an US!Undyne. I tried making US!Papyrus as unique in personality as possible and you guys seem to really like it, and I want to see if I can do the same for any other characters.
OOC comment for lit, IC comment for script!
* hey guys, there's someone i'd like you all to meet.
/stretch steps aside from the doorway, Undyne walks through
* U-uh, hey everyone!
/she waves, grinning a bit nervously
* now, she's never been dimension-hopping before, so take care of her while i'm gone.
* Gone?
* yep.
/stretch funking takes a shortcut
* W-wait! I don't know what I'm doing, what if-?!
* . . .
* Dang it...
:iconswapyrus:Swapyrus 2 3
ok, thats it....... ATTENTION ALL SONIC FANS!!!
OK, this is just sad alright? So, I was talking to :iconinkblot-wolf: yesterday, and she showed me a person who also not "ONLY" she sucks at drawing like Paul, but is also sucks at recolors too. :iconCalne-ca-009: is this persons name, and clearly, she's a 6-7 year old who can't draw sonic characters and thinks she "CLAIMS" them as hers.
That there, that's just another sorry excuse of sonic art right there and also she claims to be a 16 year old.....
:iconlinkwtfplz: WTF!?
EVEN MYSELF AS A ARTIST(that's also 16), WOULD "NEVER" DRAW SOMETHING LIKE "THIS" AND CLAIMS THEM TO BE MINE!!!! WHEN CLEARLY THEY BELONG TO SEGA!!!!! People, sonic fans of all ages, I hope U actually have very good sonic talent to surpass this "fool" right here. I mean heck, if I wanted to draw a sonic oc, U don't Use the "original character" that belongs to someone else, scribble crap all over it, and then claim it as urs when clearl
:icongengargamer64:Gengargamer64 2 62
Paypal only/commission
Paypal commission [ open ]!
by Hiyoko-little-chick, 9 minutes and 20 seconds agoJournals / Personal
 Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick    Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick Day1 - Chick 
  If you want to claim or request a drawing, you m
:iconhiyoko-little-chick:Hiyoko-little-chick 2 5
tournament of power predictions
OK so I think I figured out what's going to happen based on what we've seen so far + leaks
OK so calling it now universe 7 and 11 or 10 which ever one had the justice (insert attack here) guy is from mainly on one ground. They both have been forming tactical teams while the other universes seem to be focusing on pure power. This tournament tactics are going to be important if not key to winning and fighting as a team. Universe 7 team most of them have known each other for decades by now minus 17 and 18 (well frieza too but that's another problem) even them 17 and 18 are twins if I recall correctly so they know each other and will probably fight as a duo at some point.
As for other predictions. Roshie will probably get distracted and loose by either the female universe 6 saiyans or the green haired chick before she transforms into that thing that female stay puff marshmallow man with buu's testicle thing on the head. Or maybe something like 18's tracksuit top gets ripped and he sees som
:iconn7warrior007:N7warrior007 2 10
BUILT No.14 - of NEWS 4-2017
  City of Ruin by tirjok01 Munchen Deja Vu by redsox1830 
you can find these and a lot of other wonderful pics on my news article:
Stacked by arminmersmann2 1904 by HippieVan57 1904 by HippieVan57 Stacked by arminmersmann2
1904 by HippieVan57 Stacked by arminmersmann2 Stacked by arminmersmann2 1904 by HippieVan57
Stacked by arminmersmann2 1904 by HippieVan57 1904 by HippieVan57 Stacked by arminmersmann2 
Bullet; RedBullet; Red
:iconscheinbar:scheinbar 2 1
Devious Journal Entry
Dear person I hate,
God I really feel uncomfortable around you, I don't even know why I hang out with you still, you fucking scare me but yet I still hang out with you, you've manipulated so many people, you're starting to taint people I know as well, it's sad to see, I hope they soon realize what a monster you are
Dear person I like,
If this is a like in a lovey way then n/a
Dear ex boyfriend,
Dear ex girlfriend,
Dear ex best friend,
Your a hoe lmao go die
Dear best friends,
Oof, you guys are the reason I'm still living, you guys give me so much support and i appreciate it, I want to give that back someday if I can. I love you guys
Dear person I miss,
Dear mom,
Dear dad,
Dear future me,
Fuck bro I hope you get over your anxiety so you don't suffer as much in adulthood
Dear past me,
Damn like, you had good grades, what the fuck happened???
Dear person I’m jealous of,
:icontehtimlard:tehtimlard 2 9
A friendly reminder
Whoever made a picture of Pregnant gwen with ben should be kinkshamed for all costs in accordance to the google searches. I mean- what the fuck.
My mall printed hundreds of copies, thinking that this is legit.
This is why you should keep the weirdness to yourselves.
Thats not all, Ive seen vector art of mlp ocs in the mall too, printed on pencil cases and bags. But if the artists have no problem, i have no problem.
Jesus christ, these people are so dumb that they even stole things, even characters!
You may have the freedom to do similar art styles as long as the artist approves or you credit, but please do not let that be into confusion. Please.
This one sticker of pregnant gwen has devastated thousands of children who are yet to realize that she is underage. Some mothers and fathers, with their same long hairstyle and texting phones, do not have the necessities to be aware of their child and the fucked up image, as I have observed in the back of the room. This is also partnered up wit
:iconpansearific:Pansearific 2 0
meme 01

1. Kiss
2. Tickle
3. Stab
4. Touch (NSFW)
5. Touch (SFW)
6. Try to kill
7. Hug
8. Scare
9. Cuddle with
10. Slap their butt (SFW/NSFW)
11. Put their head between their legs/on their crotch (NSFW)
12. Hit them with something
13. Slap
14. Tackle
15. Insult
16. Tease
17. Scream at
18. Nuzzle
19. Punch
20. Kick
:iconquartz-ish:quartz-ish 2 6
AT and RQ comics open
Sorry my english....
--> i wanted draw I decided to make type categories comics: comedy, romance , drama, or others .... :p <--
and i draw artstyle of South park, Osomatsu-san and the other new artstyle who i draw Natsumi...
p.s i draw very different.. ;-;
and i'm going to try my time that i can because i am little busy with my homeworks and on May 25 starts my exams and i no ready for it the matter that i worry is math, try it if...
and comment do you want...
:iconsaph-bluh124:saph-bluh124 2 11
Looking for a Partner for an RP with TG Elements
Hello all, Marshmallowmancer here. New to the group, but definitely not to RPing. If you want to know more about me and my RPing qualifications, check out my account. In short: I am a 25+-year RPer looking to get into something new, probably short-term to start, maybe turning long-term if things work out.
Like I said before, you can find out more about me by checking out my account, but I'm casting the net out for roleplayers. I'm game for most anything right now with the only caveat being that there will be some sort of transgender (TG) element. I prefer this to be transformative - a man being turned into a woman, whether through magic or science or some other fantastical element - though I am also fine simply playing my transgender OC. Either way, you have to be comfortable (or even eager!) with these elements. They also don't have to be the core element of the RP, just elements that have to be present.
I like there being an element of sexuality to the transgender aspect as well. I A
:iconmarshmallowmancer:Marshmallowmancer 2 5
my dumb ol opinion
dont punch people for their hateful mindset or speech, since it doesn't fix anything or change their mind. if they're willing, talk to them. try to get them to see otherwise about their opinion, and maybe then you'll get somewhere.
a little talking can go a long long way, guys, and I think we need to try it more nowadays instead of violence.
anyway that's just my dumb ol opinion, feel free to disagree or agree~
:iconmiss-jaqueline:Miss-Jaqueline 2 0